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When on the hospital screen, clicking the name of the person that put someone in the hospital displays the "server down/maintenance" screen. Similarly, when viewing the event log about a succesfull attack, clicking on the name of your target goes to maintenance screen.

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Fixed links in events/hospitals.
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Originally posted by Vintral Nothing has changed involving gangs or gang health with this.

I understand that what I was saying is it allows people to be way way less active and makes it impossible to KEEP a whole gang in the hospital at all times since they get out so an advantage to people that play less since I would do no damage to the other gang hitting them constantly for hours while they can just pop out for a second and beat all the other people when they have full health
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from what ive told the app has yet to be updated to this.. is it ever going to be? 6months seems like your sleeping on it. also the attacks dont reflect on your health at all.. noticed while i had 1/2120 health and being attacked that there was a whole battle taking place with multiple attacks landing for more then the 1 damage health i had.. took me down as if my health was full.. that cant be right. in this thread also saw someone mention something 6 months ago when you posted it.. so looks like you choose to ignore it instead of fix it.