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3 years ago #1
Las Vegas
Level: 110
Age: 5 years
Posts: 24
anyone else had this issue of not getting their 15 turns each hour

3 years ago #2
Level: 112
Age: 8 years
Posts: 1151
I had the problem before when i have been really active training or criming
3 years ago #3
Level: 119
Age: 5 years
Posts: 178
yeah ive had it before. i think if you click train or crime at the exact time when you are supposed to get your turns, you dont get them. or maybe vin just hates us
3 years ago #4
Las Vegas
Level: 109
Age: 6 years
Posts: 268
vin hates us
3 years ago #5
Level: 112
Age: 7 years
Posts: 138
I didn't get mine