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Most of the bigger changes are explained below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


The level curve has been adjusted. This makes it easier to gain levels at the start, but makes higher levels take longer. You will probably notice your level has changed. While your level has been changed, it was not arbitrary. Your total experience earned was calculated and then applied to the new system. So you still have the experience you've gained before, it just translates into a different level.

Some other changes to experience, include the way it's earned. You can earn experience when your explore/scavenge the streets. Also crimes have been modified so that doing the first crime will not give you the most experience.

Donator/VIP packs

These are no longer purchase-able as distinct items. Any of these you've had lying around in your inventory, you will still possess, and they will still function as you are used to. But how purchases are made has been changed. When you purchase something, it will credit you instantly without granting you an item you have to use to get the same effect.

If you want to, you can still purchase things for people. When viewing someone's profile you'll see a buy diamonds, or a buy vip button. This will allow you to purchase these things for someone else. When you buy them, they will automatically be credited the purchased item.

Old VIP packs/status will continue. But there will no longer be a separate premium status for users. Donator days and VIP status have been merged together. Donators now have more energy, and faster regen rates. Anyone who still has VIP status will continue to have it, and any old VIP packs will be in your inventory, and still confer the old VIP status. There will just no longer be any way to gain new items that confer this status.


Properties have been adjusted, and some new levels have been added to the system. You will find yourself in a different property, but it will confer equal stats to you that your old property did.

Many new jobs have been added, but the system hasn't been changed much beyond that.


There is only one bank now, people with premium status gain better interest.


Items require a fee of 10% or $100, whichever is higher. Auctions will last for 14 days before ending. When they're ended, the item(s) you've put up will be returned to you. The diamonds up for sale, will expire in a week, but otherwise they too will be up for 14 days.

Rental properties placed up will tick down in time while they sit on the market. But these can be posted for longer than 14 days at a time because of this. Properties however can be rented for a max of 30 days at a time. You can re-rent them after the current rental period is up.


Bounties can be posted on other players, and you can choose to accept an assignment. There's no limit to how many people can choose to take a posted bounty, but there can be only one winner. To claim a bounty, you must hospitalize the target while they're online, and you must do this 10 times. Once you've done this, the bounty is claimed and no longer available to be taken or claimed by others.

Morphine Pills

These will still reduce your hospital time. But you will build up a tolerance to them if you use them too often. Over time your tolerance will go back down. This change was made to work with the new bounty system, as these will make being hospitalized have an impact.

Currently every time you take a pill, your level will go up. If your morphine level was 0, it'll get you out of the hospital. If your morphine level was 1, it will knock off 80% of your hospital time. If it was 2, it will knock off 60% of your hospital time. Etc.

Eventually they will have no effect at all. But if you wait a few minutes, your morphine level will drop back down.


These are still used to explore the streets to see what you find. This system has been expanded slightly for now, with additional plans for this in the future. For now, there are more possible results.

Some of these will hospitalize you, some will put you in jail.

Some will give you diamonds, some will give you cash.

Some will grant experience, and some will give you an item.

You will gain 15 turns an hour, with a cap of 15 turns.


You may have noticed a bunch of events when you signed on. These should detail any reimbursements you received. You should have gained any money that you spent on your cars, or from tokens you gained hunting. Additionally any buildings and bricks you had should be refunded.

In addition, any points you had were turned into diamonds.


Diamonds are crystals with a new name and a new look.

The Crystal Temple has packed its bags and moved far, far away. Now you can turn these in at the Don for some help. From him you can buy a few items, with more to be added in the future.

But for now, he stocks beer, blunts, and mood pills.

Beer can be used to restore your brave. Blunts will restore your energy. And mood pills will restore your will. These mood pills will not grant you 100% of your will, but work based upon a formula. At lower will values they'll be a full refill, but as you go higher they will no longer completely fill you up. You should see how much will they'll restore to you in the tooltip, but at higher levels it works out to be about 25% give or take.

Any Questions?

Now I'm sure you have questions, well this is the place for you to ask! You can also contact us by the Contact Us option in the top nav way up top. Or send any of the staff a mail, you can find staff at the Help link in the footer.

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Due to extended down time, users with VIP status have received a 5 day credit.

Users with the old VIP status have received a 1 day credit.
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Username must be between 4 and 15 characters, and only allows alpha-numeric characters. People with longer user names will be directed to a rename page.

Gang names can be between 4 and 30 characters, and can have spaces and alpha-numeric characters. Other characters were stripped on import, but the president of the gang can change the name of the gang once under the edit gang tab in gang administration. This option will be removed in the future.
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good formation thanks!