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4 years ago #1
Las Vegas
Level: 112
Age: 10 years
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I think there should be something like gang wars. It would be 2 gangs fighting eachother.

You take health of the other gang by hitting the members in the gang. But to not make it really easy to win you should only be able to hit maybe 4 times then you would have to let the other player recharge.

So you keep hitting the other gang till its out of health and then if you win you get prestige and if you lose you lose some prestige.
4 years ago #2
Las Vegas
Level: 106
Age: 8 years
Posts: 315
great idea +1 this dont know why this isnt in place yet
4 years ago #3
Las Vegas
Level: 109
Age: 5 years
Posts: 163
Sounds like a stupid idea coz then you'll get a SHIT ton of notes begging to join and noobs quitting coz they get beat up in a war