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Originally posted by Rosalita
Originally posted by mmkap is this going to replace some things we have know or will it just add on?

Add on.

Originally posted by Gothy I have a few Question,
For every town your in you can have a "Block"?
Does that mean If I were to go to the hood could I start it there, Or Will I have to start it in Mexico city?
Also Do you Guys have any plans as to Making more city's? For every city we will have a "Block"?
I like the idea of staff controlling the Cost that way its not out the roof and not so dirt cheap.
So start training in labor, Will building them also use IQ as you have to use your mind when building stuff.

Every town but the dock. So, since you can freely travel to any town, you can have a block in each town. You can start a block in the Hood no matter what level you are, but higher level cities will probably have fancier Blocks.

Making more cities: maybe, but depends on demand. Right now we are Ok with what we have to start.

No plans to integrate IQ right now, but we have another idea for how to make more use of it (not in progress right now, so don't ask about that one).

LMAO! It didnt just "add on" It actually replaced Bank interest!!!
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How do u make your profile pic with u or gang in it under referrals