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6 years ago #11
Las Vegas
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Along with the spy suggestion maybe a mail system to allow only friends to mail you can be put into place?
Edit Also maybe it should cost 3 diamonds per level so that way noobs cant afford to spy on Quee for over 300 diamonds 2 or 3 times as the success rate would be around 40-60%? Also we could have protection against spies for example your mafioso stopped X from spying on you. Also you can setup an option to hide away one group of items in your inventory e.g. All your espressos....All suggestions

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6 years ago #12
7th Avenue
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i really dont see what a spy-option can add to the game

"just so we know they're not lyin" who cares? if ur doin business and they dont send u what was agreed, u report them, case closed

it would only be a nice option if u can steal items, but since that's not the case i see no point
6 years ago #13
Las Vegas
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I agree with Mjolis , The mail from friends only option would be great .
6 years ago #14
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spy-option is stupid we don't raid so who cares if someone has shit load of stuff that's not going to stop them from scamming
5 years ago #15
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+1 yeah yeah
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