I have seen a lot of people asking "how do I do... X" questions in unrelated threads, so, I created this forum for you to post your questions.

Regular Mafia Block users are free to answer the newbie questions posted in the forum here.

Questions like this shouldn't be posted in other forums from here on out - especially not "Announcements!"

Forum Rules:
  1. Search the forum first before posting a new question! It won't be hard now, but in the future when this forum fills up, check and see if your question was answered before starting a new thread for the same question.
  2. Keep questions related to the game.
  3. Don't ask questions about what Staff plans to add! Suggestions go in the Suggestions forum. Questions that are really suggestions won't be answered. Questions that are just complaining about something in the game may get you Fed time.
  4. Make the subject line of your new message useful. "Please Help" or "I Have a Question" type subjects without any information are confusing!
  5. Apparently this is not common sense to you, but this forum is for questions only. The forum is not for smack-talk or other general threads.
  6. Other rules subject to be added, so check this sticky for additions.

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