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3 years ago #1
Level: 109
Age: 3 years
Posts: 163
if i use a small don, VIP, an energy bar and a few energy shots the gains are around 25k each right?
and that without the don the gains are around 18k each? just wanna know so i can work out what i would get on average when i train 10k esp
3 years ago #2
Las Vegas
Level: 112
Age: 8 years
Posts: 1151
with 285 energy its a little oveer 23k each on average but depends on how many espressos you use before refilling will
3 years ago #3
Las Vegas
Level: 91
Age: 7 years
Posts: 189
idunno how you get energy to 285 i can hardly get it to 275 without ODing lol,
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