Item Title

Item Description
Status: Member
Online: Offline
Age: 8 years
Gender: Female
Life: 540/540
Level: 30
Money: $1,737
Diamonds: 0
Location: The Hood
Last Seen: 7 years ago
Gang: None
Property: Volcano Lair
Fight Statistics
Attacks: 402
Won: 365
Defenses: 350
Won: 27
Crime Statistics
Committed: 846
Times Jailed: 0
Cash: $6,000

I will only attack offline/inactive players for exp so please dont attack me if im online (wars are an exception)

If i bust you from jail please rate me +1 and i will do the same if you bust me

If you help me in anyway i will do the same back if and when needed

Dont mess with my family and all will be fine