Item Title

Item Description
Status: Member
Online: Offline
Age: 7 years
Gender: Male
Life: 2260/2260
Level: 109
Money: $325,125
Diamonds: 0
Location: Downtown
Last Seen: 6 months ago
Gang: None
Property: Volcano Lair
Fight Statistics
Attacks: 7,461
Won: 7,246
Defenses: 1,612
Won: 202
Crime Statistics
Committed: 105,946
Times Jailed: 14
Cash: $16.12 Bil
Buying all items hit me up
Also selling VIP so hmu if u need that
Making Profile Pics,Banners ect... for 520mill 80whiskey 200dimes or 40espresso each prices(negotiable)
hit me up if you want one
Examples of my work below
Pics done within 48hours of payment, not including weekends
Buying Lockpicks 1dime each
Ps. if were not cool and ur not talkin biz stay out my inbox got no time for extra shit.
You hit Mobman with your Rocket Launcher for 2,051,300,808 damage!