Item Title

Item Description
Status: Member
Online: Offline
Age: 8 years
Gender: Male
Life: 1280/1280
Level: 60
Money: $937
Diamonds: 0
Location: The Hood
Last Seen: 7 years ago
Gang: None
Property: Estate
Fight Statistics
Attacks: 2,823
Won: 2,726
Defenses: 536
Won: 54
Crime Statistics
Committed: 8,553
Times Jailed: 0
Cash: $0
Please [size=5][color=yellow]+1[/size][/color][size=3] if I bust you out.

Buying points, and always buying moods! Msg me!

I only attack offline players for exp unless we are at war.
Lock away your stash unless you want to get jacked!

Always stocked with the best deals in the hood!

Only the crazy attack when they are unconscious.