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Status: Member
Online: Offline
Age: 7 years
Gender: Male
Life: 2100/2100
Level: 101
Money: $2.73 Mil
Diamonds: 0
Location: Las Vegas
Last Seen: 2 years ago
Gang: None
Property: Volcano Lair
Fight Statistics
Attacks: 899
Won: 681
Defenses: 3,039
Won: 95
Crime Statistics
Committed: 5,859
Times Jailed: 34
Cash: $1.13 Bil
arlenea tried to jump you, but you beat their ass!

KILLERL tried to rob you, but you beat their ass! He wanted to join his twin on the wall

Received 1209 AK-47s from Phred... Now i can supply my village with weapons

Made By The Lovely Arlenea

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