Item Title

Item Description
Status: Member
Online: Offline
Age: 6 years
Gender: Male
Life: 900/900
Level: 41
Money: $165,000
Diamonds: 0
Location: The Hood
Last Seen: 1 year ago
Gang: None
Property: Volcano Lair
Fight Statistics
Attacks: 545
Won: 439
Defenses: 348
Won: 4
Crime Statistics
Committed: 251
Times Jailed: 14
Cash: $29.74 Mil
You trained your defense 100 times, and gained 3388 points

Fly6438 hit JoeyJoJo013 for 248 damage. That was a crit!

You trained your strength 100 times, and gained 8094 points

(NBA) Never Broke Again....

You won $2.12 Mil from the lottery!